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The Duniway, A Hilton Hotel

(Collaborator) Axiom Custom Products


545 SW Taylor Street, Portland, OR 97204


February 6 - 8


24 hours a day

The Duniway, a Hilton Hotel, is inspired by namesake Oregon change-maker Abigail Scott Duniway, and was built to showcase Portland at its best and most authentic. The bold lifestyle hotel celebrates Abigail’s entrepreneurial spirit. Custom interiors are complemented by modern and bold design touches, including in the award-winning restaurant Jackrabbit helmed by celebrity chef Chris Cosentino.

Retina by Axiom Custom Products will be on display in the lobby of The Duniway. Retina is a spherical sculpture with multiple viewpoints to inspire one to look forward, look inward, and look onward. Inside the sphere, lights project patterns in all directions, saturating the senses of the beholder


Axiom Custom Products is an American manufacturing and design company bringing a high-tech digital interface to traditional fabrication methodologies. Axiom solves the problems that everyone else calls impossible, with an eye on the future, a hand on the sketchpad, and heart in the shop.

Photo: Timothy Niou

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