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The Portland Winter Light Festival (PDXWLF) is an annual event of the Willamette Light Brigade, a non-profit arts organization. PDXWLF is presented to guests for free, and builds community by bringing art and technology to inclusive audiences while invigorating Portland in the winter.

On February 4-12 2022, the festival returned for a seventh year as a decentralized citywide event with pop-up art in windows, businesses, and unusual spaces, encouraging guests to explore the city to view art while allowing for equitable access for more families and guests.

The Willamette Light Brigade (WLB) founded PDXWLF in an effort to propel forward its mission of connecting community and enriching the public realm through artful lighting. The festival began as a coalescence of ideas in 2016 and was propelled into existence by dedicated community members too numerous to mention.

We are committed to keeping the Portland Winter Light Festival family-friendly, free to attend, and open to everyone. So bundle up and celebrate the power of light and community with us!


The Willamette Light Brigade (WLB) is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion as essential components of the organization and its related programming.

Equity is the pursuit of equal outcomes; a goal WLB can only achieve by identifying barriers to inclusion and creating an environment welcoming to all through intentional actions. 

WLB recognizes that people of color and other communities continue to be marginalized and excluded intentionally and unintentionally due to systemic racism and bias.  We are committed to fostering an environment of belonging and acceptance by implementing policies/procedures responsive to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, ability (physical and neurological), religion, and other individual identities for all staff, Board members, and community volunteers.

We are committed to being a non-discriminatory organization and providing equal opportunities for employment, volunteering, Board service, and advancement in all areas of our work. Our commitment to place-making through lighting and the arts is to be shared by all segments of the Greater Portland community. 

Photo: MGV Photography

Artist: Pathlighters

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