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Open Light Booth

Richard Miner

(Collaborator) Tom Barnes




February 6 - 8


6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Flipping the convention of an object casting it’s light to the audience, the Open Light Booth projects its lights inward.  The person walking and controlling our art piece is the subject of illumination.  Multiple light strips, all facing inward, cast ever-changing light patterns, on all sides of the person inside.  Visitors are invited to get inside and take control of the lights as they become the focus of everyone’s attention.


Richard & Tom (the creators of Open Light Booth) have been building illuminated art for the Light Festival since 2016.  Richard is the more social member, and often dreams up the initial inspiration for each year’s project.  Tom brings real world experience and keeps the projects grounded in what is practical to create.  Each year is a race to bring the best of our joint vision to creation and completion.

Photo: Brooke Hoyer

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