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Elusive Metamorphosis

Ayla Leisure / @artbyayla


World Trade Center Plaza (Upper level): 121 SW Salmon St


February 6 - 8


6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

An installation with imaginative and entrancing qualities, analyzing growth and transformation by constantly shifting. Using a combination of reflective materials, lighting from the adjacent environment, and illumination from within. Nothing stays the same and everyone has a different reading of what they see in themselves and others around them. This world changes in every moment — this piece examines this by dancing, moving, shifting, and appearing different in every photo. Perception changes based on the angle it is viewed and the time it is viewed.

Artist Ayla Leisure is a graduate of Portland State University. Creating and dreaming in her hometown — Portland, Oregon. Reflective materials and lighting are a large focus of her current practice, creating artwork centralized around identity and perception.

Photo: Ayla Leisure

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