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POWER YOUR DREAMS Julia Alora & Jan Carpenter // BIRD CAGE Angry Buddha Studios // WARM BASS David Bertman // SYNAPSE Cap Crescent // DREAMSCAPE SOMETHING SOMETHING Richard Cawley & Portal Arts Collective // NIGHT FLOWERS Chance Ci // THE NATURE OF DATA El-hadj Chikhaoui, David Eliason // CRYSTALIS Martin Eichinger /Terry Amundson, Robbin Atherly, Dashiel Atherly, Suzanne Atherly, Walt Dimmick, Jillian St. Germain, Chas Martin, Melissa Meiners // TESSELATION The Foundry, Myles de Bastion, JT Thompson, Seth Mehr, Jared Ward, Mike Owens, Joseph Gardner, Joseph Fortunato, Cymaspace // DISCOBUG Tyler FuQua Creations // HIVEMIND Xander Griffith, Twinkle // INTERACTIVE CIRCUITS AND GAMES Hosford Middle School Makers Club // MINDCLOUD Scott Keva James // STRANDS OF DREAMS Fritz Koenig, Smit Shah, Zao Naegele // ELUSIVE METAMORPHOSIS Ayla Leisure // HARNESSING THE ENERGY OF RAIN Audrey Lewis // VIRROR Bryan Martin add, Jesse Banks, Lilli Szafranski // WILLAMETTE CROSSWORD M. Maggi // URBAN CHANDELIER Vignesh Madhavan // AMANITA MYSTERIA Clay McCabe, Eleanor Buell, Yona Appletree // FIRE BALLS HOT Ivan McLean // LADDERS Dave Meeker // PERPETUAL GATEWAY Amy Meyer // DREAM DIAL & CHROMAKEY Justin Miller // OPEN LIGHT BOOTH Richard Miner, Tom Barnes // ETERNAL FIRE OF STUPID IDEAS AND THE FLAMING SKEE BALL Ministry of Stupid Ideas // THE EVER EXPANDING GALAXY Randy Morris - The Art of Free Energy // COHERENT LIGHT OVERLOAD Next Level Lasers // CONSTELLATION OVERDRIVE openStar Systems // LIGHTING THE CRYSTAL DOLPHIN Eddie Parker // FIRE CIRCLE ENTRANCE PFG Art & Decor Team // DIMENSIONAL DREAMS Becca Priddy, Molly Gregory, Andy Vanoverberghe, Liz Gozza, Jean Bessette-Tyler // CHROMATA Bryan Ressler // BRAILLE CONSTELLATION: SEEING IN THE DARK REDUX! Kirsten Rian // MEDITERRARIUM S’more Art Co. // THE HOLOBOOTH Stephen Schieberl // THE FURNACE Matt Sipes // CRYSTAL EVOLUTION Kay Sims, Kasey Minor // THE LISTENER Skylark Collective, Chad Mercer, Nick Asch, Anne Gire, Julie Baweja // WINTER TRAINS Jesse Smith, the Illuminating Engineering Society // THE METABOLIZER Sam Smith // SHADOW SAIL THEATER Heather Dawn Sparks, Islando Sunrise Sparks // FOUR WINDOWS Danny Stephens, Dustin Pyne, Dustin Amberg // GNOSIS Tobin Tanner, Brandon Shaw // ALTERNITY The Wiz // DREAMDOME Victoria Wells, Joseph Wells, Fernanda Navilli // ODD JELLY OUT uckiood - Missy Douglas & Kim Rask // ELECTRONIC LULLABY Todd West, Katie West // RING OF FIRE Wildstone Arts // TETRACTYS Daniel Young, Keenan McCune, Ryan Ramage


WANTING BEAUTY Acchord // ARCS, SPARKS AND CORONA GLOW The Good Dr. Professor Anderson // VAUDVILLE VISION QUEST Circus Luminescence // FIRE PERFORMANCE Flamebuoyant Productions // FUN LUV’N SILENT DISCO Fun Luv’n Silent Disco // LED HULA HOOP TROUPE Hoop with Kendall // THE NING-NONG SING-A-LONG Jason Wells & Teresa Boyd // DUN9 B33TL3 JuggleMania // THUNDER DRUMMING Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers // ACCHORD Transpose PDX // SNOW STORM Steps PDX Ballet School // LIVE ICE CARVING James Stugart // THE BOOTY BUMP Scott Sunn // WORLD OF DANCE UJAM FLASH MOB World Of Dance UJAM


TRANSFORMING TIC TAC TOE & LITE BRITE REMASTERED ACME // CHAINSCAPE DAO Architecture, Megan Wilkerson // HEAD IN THE CLOUDS DLR Group, Michael Fletcher, Sage Tixier, Frank Mueller, Elizabeth Bixenman // LUCID Gensler Portland // LOST Henry V // REM KOOLBLANKET Holst Architecture // KINETIC DELIGHT Mayer/Reed, Inc. // THE EYE LOVE PROJECT OHSU Casey Eye Institute // LIMINAL Opsis Architecture, P&C Construction, KPFF, PLA Designs // LIGHT MAGIC Showcall Event Services // REM Walker Macy, Luma Lighting Design, R&H Construction // DREAMSHIFT Waterleaf Architecture, Schommer and Sons // ROSE CLOUD Sazan Group // WAKING REVERIE TVA Architects // TWINKLE TREES Joshua Salas & James Overstreet // LIGHT POLLUTION YGH Architecture

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