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The Booty Bump

Scott Sunn

(Collaborators) Tor Clausen, Ryah Radomski, Scotti, Andy ShapirBro & Sarah Balcom




February 6 - 8


6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

The Booty Bump is a mobile disco, designed to bring the tunes & pretty lights full force and throw down the party anytime, anywhere. The Bump can traverse any terrain, with space for two gogos on its light-up disco dance floor, and transforms into a popup DJ booth in a flash. This beautiful party starter unifies form and function to git’er dun in style.

Originally conceived & fabricated by Tor Clausen (Musical Furnishing), Scott Sunn (Tracer Visuals), & Ryah Radomski, and funded by our extended community of superpals; Scotti, along with Andy ShapirBro (AND/OR) & Sarah Balcom (DJ PomPom), are proud to present the third incarnation of The Bump to our favorite festie fam.

Photo: MinJun Kim

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