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Cap Crescent


World Trade Center Plaza: 121 SW Salmon St


February 6 - 8


6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Synapse is an exploration of the intricate, ever-changing web of connection that forms ourselves. It provides a glimpse of the interplay between self, place, stimulus, and altered states. Motion creates signals which travel through a web of dendrites, across synaptic connections, to the neuron cell body (soma) and finally out the axon to the rest of the neural web. Its shape changes with each installation in a new environment.


Cap Crescent is a Portland-based designer, artist, programmer, and maker. Their favorite mediums are fabric, wood, leather, light, code, and environmental experience, but they also draw upon a lifetime of painting, drawing, and dreaming. Before Synapse, their largest work was a 7’ soft puzzle egg (Sunder Egg, 2016). Synapse is their first major electronics piece and debuted in May 2019 at SOAK, Oregon’s Burning Man regional event.

Photo: Cap Crescent

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