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Shadow Sail Theater

Heather Dawn Sparks

(Collaborator) Islando Sunrise Sparks


1945 SE Water Ave.


February 6 - 8


6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Shadow Sail Theater captures the shimmering nuances of shadow art by combining plasma cut metal with intricate paper cuts, analog light projections, and live silhouettes in an intimate interactive spatial environment.


Participate in creating large scale works of shadow art by layering materials such as lace, glass, colour changing films, and handmade paper lace costumes, to animate them with movement and light.


Heather Dawn Sparks engages collective action and inspired participation through immersive sculptural and performative works. Her dreamscape environments vividly bring to life forms from nature and the sublime absurdity of play.


The members of Shadow Sail Theater collectively own and run the Lookout Arts Quarry, a 63 acre industrial rock quarry turned permaculture art and event center located in Bellingham, Washington.

Photo: Courtesy of the Artist

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