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Mihaly's Gate

PFG Art & Decor Team

(Collaborators) Aaron Bikis, Tom Franklin, Randy Schless, Bryan Hirschberger, Tony Richardson


Eastbank Esplanade


February 6 - 8


6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Mihaly's Gate was originally created for Pacific Fire Gathering - an annual movement arts / fire spinning skill share festival on the Oregon Coast. Notoriously known as Specific Fire Gathering, PFG is a nexus for highly talented and overachieving creatives. Case in point is the Art & Decor Team, who seemingly each year create a new art installation. Functionally, this piece acts as a gateway into the `Fire Circle` which houses hundreds of fire dancers each night of the festival. The structure is made of CNC cut metal and wood. It was durably designed and was stress-tested at PFG two years ago when the festival was greeted by 50 mph winds and rains.

Photo: Tony Richardson

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