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Opsis Architecture

(Collaborators) P&C Construction, KPFF, PLA Designs, Stagecraft Industries Inc.


1945 SE Water Ave.


February 6 - 8


6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Can you describe the transition through reality into your dreamscape? 

Liminal physically manifests the shift from conscious to subconscious thought. The confusion. The movement. The familiarity. The unknown. The organic process that the mind experiences while dreaming, as a built form. A structure full of light and shadow. A form that is both free and confined. A clear depiction of something that cannot truly be put into words — a dream. As everyone experiences and interprets dreams differently, this design cannot be engaged in the same way by two people. Each layer symbolizes a step into the unknown. The ambiguity of the circular form does not define an entry or exit. There is no set path. There is no implied experience. There is only interpretation.

Photo: Max Frixione

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