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Light Pollution

YGH Architecture


SE Caruthers St. & Eastbank Esplanade


February 6 - 8


6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

As architects, we help design the real world around us. With our installation, we want to explore what it means to "inhabit a dream" in physical space. Using recycled materials, we are taking pieces of our real world and blending them with the ethereal qualities of light to create a physical representation of the dream state — fragmented, familiar, yet all together exciting to explore. YGH Architecture proposes to construct a sculptural space that promotes interaction between people, light, and space. Using recycled materials and flexible mesh, the sculpture will be made of interlocking forms to create space for people to both occupy and to pass through.

Founded in Portland in 1964, Yost Grube Hall is a 35-person firm specializing in planning, architecture and interior design services for governmental, educational and commercial clients worldwide. While the firm’s work is diverse, ranging from university buildings to embassies abroad, all of our projects share a unifying theme: design that is in harmony with the community setting, client values, and user needs. YGH is committed to sustainable, responsible design for our clients as well as responsible operation of our office.

Photo: Courtesy of the Artist

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