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Dave Meeker

(Collaborator) Vernissage Fine Art


COLAB Architecture + Urban Design, 1189 NW Pettygrove St.


February 6 - 8


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Take a moment to daydream. Put your phone down and dream with me. Focus on not focusing. Take the long view that leads to clearer insight and better understanding. I’m visualizing (looking for) the exit... sometimes it's in front and sometimes it's behind on the path. Ladders is an exhibition about casting light on dark times. Here, in winter, with a stiff political breeze adding to the chill, there is an escape hatch. I’m proposing an escape into beauty. Leave the dark behind; let your eyes adjust to the color and intensity of the light.

Ladders can take us to a higher vantage by extending reach and offering new sight lines. The climb may not be easy but we are up to it. Find an escape with me by letting light, color, beauty lead the way. Together we can help each other climb out of this dark alien place.

Photo: Dave Meeker

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