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Waterleaf Architecture

(Collaborators) Schommer and Sons


1945 SE Water Ave.


February 6 - 8


6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Let the real world fade away as you drift into unconscious visions. A peaceful surrender to beauty and magic. A place to explore without the limits of physical existence. But now you are losing control of the dream, surrounded by the dark and unfamiliar. Grasping at lucidity, trying to make sense of where you are.  With the dawn comes a return to consciousness, with an awakening. Journey through a dream and change your reality.

Waterleaf Architecture is a boutique firm with expertise in design, planning, and interiors for a diverse variety of project types. We are honored to bring our creativity to the wider community as part of the PDXWLF, to be inspired by the beauty and wonder when light meets art meets science.


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Photo: Courtesy of the Artist

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