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Tyler FuQua Creations


World Trade Center Plaza: 121 SW Salmon St


February 6 - 8


6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

The DiscoBug combines the two most iconic symbols of the 60’s and 70’s — the VW Bug and the disco ball — and mashes them into one amazing interactive art installation.   The DiscoBug features a user friendly control panel that allows anyone to be the lighting designer while classic disco music emanates from the spinning, mirror-covered Bug.  Add a little fog into the mix and it is a explosion of light like no other!


The DiscoBug was created by Tyler FuQua Creations for Light City light fest in Baltimore. TFC has been part of PDXWLF since the beginning and is excited to share their new creation with the people of Portland.  They are creators of all sorts of interactive art including giant climbable robots, mobile art installations, and most recently, a permanent art installation — Space Plants — at Lynchview Park in Portland.

Photo: Tyler FuQua

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