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For a few moments, travel back to the 1890’s when high-voltage electricity was the newest discovery, and traveling Vaudeville shows demonstrated the glorious illumination emanating from arcs, sparks, and corona glow. Don mixes some science and history into his demonstrations, along with plasma discharges and arcs ranging from tiny up to 3 feet long, artificial lightning (and some thunder) from Tesla Coils, Jacob's Ladders, Induction Coils, Plasma Sabers, and other diabolical devices.

Don Anderson has been building Tesla Coils and generating high voltage arcs up to 7 feet long since high school. He is still fascinated by the beauty in the colored light from the arcs. He still feels the intensity of the deadly attraction in being (almost) nose to nose with 500,000 volts of electricity. The very high powers used will create intense electromagnetic fields, so in an abundance of caution people with implanted medical electronics should not attend.


Arcs, Sparks and Corona Glow

Don Anderson

Smith memorial Student Union: 1825 SW BROADWAY

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