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A Moving Target: Lighting Things You Know Will Change

Mark LaPierre


World Trade Center Auditorium


February 6


7:00 pm

Musicals, Dance, and Aerial are seldom done when it’s time to light them. How do you bring beauty and focus to a show you know will change? Timing, technology, and that most elusive commodity - calm, can make the most dynamically shifting performance stay in light. Mark LaPierre is a lighting designer and programmer with a twenty year history of work in concerts, dance, theater, musical theater and aerial. He has worked with Halcyon Shows, Pixie Dust Productions, Bodyvox, Night Flight, Pink Martini, Meow Meow, Portland Center Stage, Phoenix Tours, as well as many corporate apparel companies. He has programmed pre-Broadway Musicals, EDM festivals and even rooms he couldn’t see (which took too long).

Photo: Rebecca Becker

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